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Unveiling ACE: Architecture to PCB schematic in 60 seconds with deterministic AI

June 13, 2024

It is the greatest honour of my life to have worked with Basilio Gentile and the team over the last 5 years to develop what I believe is the single most important breakthrough in board-level electronics design since the 90s.

We're excited to unveil the fruits of our work at the first public demonstration of the Circuit Mind platform on February 29, 2024.

When I was an electronic systems engineer at BAE Systems, I lived my dream. I grew up aspiring to be an inventor, and there I was developing high-integrity augmented reality display systems for jet fighter pilots alongside some of the most brilliant engineers on earth. Heaven.

But something was missing…

In my role, I spent 80% of my time on tedious, routine tasks: navigating through complex datasheets, juggling multiple manufacturer websites, and meticulously checking component availability. The constant fear of missing a crucial detail or facing supply chain issues was a source of unending anxiety.

Meeting Basilio, fresh from completing his PhD in Algorithm Design at ETH Zurich, was a turning point. Together, we shared a vision to leverage AI and algorithm design to alleviate the burdens of electronics engineers, enabling them to focus on the most rewarding aspects of their work. Our collaboration led to the creation of ACE, Circuit Mind's flagship product, which has since transformed how engineers approach PCB design.

Over the last year ACE proved to be more than just tool in PCB design. ACE allows an engineer to input their requirements as a block diagram, specify their design intent, and with a single click, generate cost-effective, power efficient, small form factor schematic and BoM options in 60 seconds. It also optimises for lifecycle status, supply chain resilience, preferred manufacturers and more.

Sneak peek of a block diagram created in ACE

On February 29, 2024, we invite you to witness the capabilities of ACE firsthand. I will be conducting a live design demonstration, fielding tough questions from Zachariah Peterson, and sharing testimonials from customers who have successfully implemented ACE in various industries, including EMS, Design Services, Industrial, Consumer, Automotive, and Medical. Make sure you join us here.

Imagine a world where the capabilities of every electronics engineer are amplified 100x through AI. With ACE, we are on the brink of making this a reality. Join us in this exciting journey and be part of the revolution in electronics design.

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