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How Ethiot went from idea to expert design using ACE, Circuit Mind’s AI design assistant.

March 12, 2024

Executive Summary

  1. Ethiot needed to develop the PCBs for their intelligent ventilation system, quickly, and affordably, without having electronics engineers on their team.
  2. Circuit Mind completed two PCB designs first time right in less than two weeks.
  3. Circuit Mind’s AI platform, ACE, demonstrated the ability to generate the logic designs (schematics) for the system in thirty seconds each compared to the two weeks it would have taken if the design were performed manually.
  4. The team at Ethiot were delighted with the quality of the design, the speed of execution and are enthusiastic to continue working with Circuit Mind.


Ethiot is on a mission to improve the health and well-being of everyone, everywhere.

Pete Beckett, founder/CEO of Ethiot, an experienced Systems engineer, always felt inspired to invent products that could improve regular people’s lives. In the Autumn of 2019 he took the leap and brought Ethiot to life.

Pete envisioned an intelligent ventilation system that has the potential to improve air quality in homes everywhere. As our cities and towns become more crowded, air pollution both indoor and out has become a widespread, hazardous mainstay in our lives.The effects range from mild irritations like headaches and sore throats to fatal illnesses like cancer.


Ethiot is helping to solve this problem with an intelligent ventilation system that monitors the air quality in homes, providing peace of mind to individuals and their families.

With his engineering background, Pete is adept at conceptualizing new products and specifying requirements. Once this was complete, he required a deep electronics engineering knowledge and expertise to go from initial prototype to a completed circuit board design. In addition, Pete needed to get the product to market quickly without spending a fortune.

Pete used Circuit Mind’s AI circuit design generation platform combined with our engineering expertise to bring his design to life. The design had three boards:a controller, a sensor and a power board.


Circuit Mind used ACE to generate the logic designs for the controller and sensor boards in minutes. These designs were estimated to take 10 days in total if they were performed fully manually. The resulting logic designs were fully validated by the Circuit Mind engine, a step which by analogy saved Ethiot two further design iterations and re-spins (2 months delay and an additional 10 days of work).

Circuit Mind’s experienced engineer manually designed the layout for the controller and sensor boards, and the entire design for the power board. Some key metrics were:

  1. Overall time savings – 2.5 months.
  2. Logic design generation – 4800x faster than when performed manually
  3. Error-based redesigns / re-spins – 0 vs2 – Expected

In Pete’s words,“Circuit Mind’s ACE platform and their excellent team of experts enabled me to accelerate the development of our first products. The work was carried out affordably and without errors. I would highly recommend Circuit Mind and ACE.”

Circuit Mind & ACE

Circuit Mind is developing intelligent software that automatically designs electronics circuit boards. The AI-driven platform enables users to specify the high-level requirements of a circuit board and get the complete circuit board design ready for prototype or manufacture. That means better circuits, designed orders of magnitude faster, at a fraction of the cost. To trial the platform, click here or email

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