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Electronic engineering reimagined

Accelerating electronics

At Circuit Mind, we believe that humanity's continued march of progress is dependent on the creation of extraordinary hardware inventions. From robots to autonomous vehicles to advanced medical systems, electronic devices are the backbone of our civilisation's future.
Unfortunately, creating these devices today takes teams of experts months/years of painful, manual, tedious tasks that cost the world billions every year.
Circuit Mind is a movement by the electronics engineers and teams of the future, to build the intelligent platform that will enable them to 100x their life's work and supercharge our collective humanity.

Our journey

Birth - Circuit Mind is formed with the mission to 100x electronics engineering.
Technology breakthrough - Circuit Mind develops the first proprietary algorithm for electronic circuit generation.
Logical/Schematic design generation - Circuit Mind releases its first product which automatically generates logical/schematic designs from high-level requirements in seconds.
PCB Layout generation - Circuit Mind's product is capable of converting high level requirements to optimised schematic and layout designs in seconds.
Full-stack electronics engineering platform - Circuit Mind's platform autonomously generates designs in seconds, procures all parts and delivers assembled boards to engineers and teams.
Autonomous intelligent hardware invention in the cloud - Circuit Mind enables concept to delivered electronics devices in less than a day.

Thanks to our funders and supporters

Since 2018 we have raised £2 million in funding to bring innovation to electronics engineering. We are proud to be partnering with some of the most ambitious investors and advisors in the world to reach our goals.