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Architecture to schematic in 60 seconds

Electronic engineering teams use Circuit Mind's intelligent platform to automatically select optimal components, generate and redesign candidate schematics in seconds, with fewer errors.

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Trusted by innovative engineering companies

Get products to market faster and on budget

Electronics design teams are slowed down by manual, tedious tasks, including iterating when requirements change and errors occur. Circuit Mind enables teams to generate and redesign electronic systems in seconds/minutes instead of weeks/months saving hundreds of thousands. 

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Improve design quality with zero errors and optimisation

Generate error-free circuits first time right, while optimising for cost, size, power, function, availability, performance, lifecycle and more. Circuit Mind's algorithms search through trillions of combinations, providing you with the best circuit design options to choose from.

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Specify requirements intuitively

Specify your requirements by creating architecture diagrams that capture your design intent. Specify only what you care about and let our powerful algorithms suggest candidate design options for you to explore and potentially use in your final design.

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How it works

Input requirements
Functional Requirements
Functional blocks
Lower level requirements
Input & Output Signals
Non Functional
Cost, size, power
Availability requirements
Mechanical constraints
Schematic options
Bill of Materials
Deep verification checks
Form factor/Area analysis
Availability analysis
ECAD software schematic
files & library export

What experts and clients say about us

Kazimali Khaki
VP of Technology, XYZ Reality

Human error when designing is extremely problematic - both time and cost-wise, yet to-date this is still a common occurrence. Circuit Mind is a dream come true for every business - error-free design will result in faster development cycles, and will truly revolutionise our industry.

Pete Hutton
Former VP Product Groups, ARM

Circuit Mind is providing much needed disruption to a space that’s been unchanged for decades. Their breakthrough solution is providing customers with vital cost, performance and reliability benefits.

Duncan Lowder
Founder and CEO, Fixturfab

At FixturFab we design custom circuit boards to connect test probes to the instrumentation within a test fixture. Circuit Mind has enabled us to streamline the design process of these custom PCB's, making it easy to deliver test fixtures faster and with less errors to our customers.