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Deeptech Labs, a post seed accelerator funded by ARM backs Circuit Mind

June 13, 2024

Circuit Mind has been chosen by Deeptech Labs (DTL) as one of five of the most promising deep technology companies in Europe, which DTL will fund on the inaugural cohort of its accelerator program.

DTL was founded by Miles Kirby, a prolific investor with more than 30 patents, and is backed by pre-eminent names in the deep technology industry such as ARM, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Ewan Kirk, and the University of Cambridge.

The core objective of the program is to fill a void that exists for deep technology companies in the startup ecosystem. Deep technology companies develop in a different way than startups in categories such as direct to consumer, e-commerce or software as a service. For many of these categories, playbooks, mentors, advisors, and accelerators exist to enable founders to maximise the potential of their startups. For deep technology companies, however, there is a dearth of this support between the Seed and Series A funding rounds.

DTL is changing this. In DTL's launch article published in business weekly, Miles Kirby says “This ambitious new 13-week Seed to Series A program is designed to enable deeptech startups to leverage the best minds in this space working to build the next generation of world-leading companies." The startups also receive £350,000 in funding from the renowned investors.

This is a momentous achievement for the Circuit Mind team on our mission to 100x the life's work of electronics engineers. We join Autofill, BKwai, Contilio and Mindtech on the DTL accelerator program.

You can read more about the program on Business Weekly and UK tech news.

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