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We are exceptional individuals obsessed with hardware

Co-founder, CEO

Tomide is an electronic systems engineer with a Master’s from the University of Leeds. Before Circuit Mind, he built high integrity AR displays for pilots at BAE Systems. His expertise in complex systems design is central to Circuit Mind’s technology.

Co-founder, CTO

Basilio has two Master’s degrees, including one in Electrical Engineering, and a PhD from ETH Zurich with a focus on mathematical algorithms for complex systems. He takes care of the high-performance algorithms behind Circuit Mind’s solution.

Lead Electronic Engineer

Gary is an experienced electronic engineering leader with over 15 years experience, who led teams on complex hardware projects in the aerospace, industrial and consumer industries. He developed software to automate his own electronic design work.

Principal Engineer

Rob has been developing software professionally for over 15 years - from experimental prototypes to large scale web applications including as Head of Development at Atchai Digital and Nameless Media Group. In his spare time he likes to build and play musical synthesizers.

Product & Engineering Researcher

Péter studied at Imperial College London and has a passion for electronics, software and machine learning. Prior to Circuit Mind he interned in leading companies like BCG and Dialog Semiconductor. His rare combination of skills is invaluable for Circuit Mind’s technology.

Senior Algorithm Engineer

Marcello solved algorithmic problems at Fortum in the energy industry. He is an Ex Professor of Electrical Engineering at McGill, Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich, Post-Doc at NREL Colorado, PhD at ETH Zurich, MEng at Imperial College.

Lead Software Engineer

Dan has worked as Tech Lead and Head of Engineering for several companies, with a passion for difficult software and computer science problems. He has a background in Maths from Warwick and organises one of the largest JavaScript meetups in the UK.

Lead Software Engineer

David has been a Lead Developer and Team Lead in the last five years for two financial companies, where he achieved several promotions. Prior to that, he was a Senior Engineer at ARM, where he worked for 5 years. MEng in Electronics with several awards.

Principal Frontend Engineer

Lleo has been developing cutting edge software for over 12 years. He has a deep understanding of modern web applications design architecture and is adept at creating intuitive user experiences. He has led frontend teams and enjoys building compelling and purposeful products.

Lead Software Engineer

Niall started his career over 15 years ago developing a variety of greenfield SaaS products. He has worked extensively with data-driven products and spent 5 years leading an engineering team to develop a real-time business intelligence software. He has an MEng from Queen’s University Belfast in Computer Science.

Lead Software Engineer

Miguel studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and has more than eight years of experience developing advanced software applications for diverse organisations. He has a keen interest in systems and electronics, speaks five languages and in his spare time, indulges in game and music development.

Sales and Commercial Director

Ed is an engineer and entrepreneurial by nature. He started his career in design and manufacturing and was the Director of Sales at ANSYS, NEC and Boeing Ventures. In the past decade, he has delivered growth for over 290 companies and some of his clients included Siemens, Rockwell Automation and PTC. He is passionate about sales and early-stage tech companies.

Operations Manager

Myka graduated with an engineering degree from Cornell and has a robust background in the industry. She has a wealth of experience working as a skilled engineer, leading software engineering teams, and managing engineering and business operations in reputable companies such as Schneider Electric and Renesas Electronics. Her expertise is invaluable to Circuit Mind operations.

Operations Associate

Tolu is an electrical/electronic engineer with experience in operations, product management and engineering at various startups and corporates. She ensures the smooth operation of Circuit Mind's organisation, enabling our team to do our best work.

Electrical Engineer

Shivam is a research and development engineer proficient at developing quality electronics systems to industry standards. He has a strong understanding of analog and digital PCB design and layout including best practices and test standards.

Electrical Engineer

Amanpreet has spent his career designing electronics products for industrial applications. In recent past, as a senior engineer in the automotive electronics domain, serving clients such as Tata Motors, Ford and Honda.

Electrical Engineer

Himanshu is a senior electronic systems design engineer with over 9 years of experience leading multiple hardware teams. He has strong expertise in the full-cycle process required for hardware manufacturing and has developed various products ranging from complex medical devices to home appliances.

Electrical Engineer

Raashid is a highly skilled electronics engineer with extensive knowledge, and an impressive track record in circuit design. He has a wealth of experience developing cutting-edge hardware designs and innovative electronic products.

Electrical Engineer

Bhardvaj is an electrical and electronics engineer. He is experienced at building a range of circuit designs for medical and industrial applications. He is well versed in research and development of electronics technologies, PCB design and quality inspection.

Software Engineering Intern

Aaliya studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UCL, with a minor in Artificial Intelligence. Before joining Circuit Mind, she worked with
a range of early stage tech startups with both B2B and consumer products. She recently transitioned into software with the help of CodeFirstGirls, and is joining the engineering team as an intern.

Be part of the future at Circuit Mind

Find ground-breaking solutions to interesting, previously-unsolved, technical challenges, while shaping the electronics revolution.

Collaborate closely with a friendly, tight-knit, world-class team that cares about your goals and personal development.

Work flexibly between your home and our London Bridge office. We value both your convenience and each other's company.

Earn a competitive salary supplemented with stock options. We want you to be successful when Circuit Mind is successful.

Contribute to our culture. We value diversity of thought, continuous learning, drive, and assured humility.

Take 25 days of annual holiday. We value your mental health, wellbeing, and wish to see you thrive.

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