Co-Founder and CEO

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Tomide is an electronic systems engineer with a Master’s from the University of Leeds. He spent over four years building high integrity AR displays for pilots at BAE Systems. His expertise in complex systems design is central to Circuit Mind’s technology.

Co-Founder and CTO

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Basilio has two Master’s degrees, including one in Electrical Engineering, and a PhD from ETH Zurich with a focus on mathematical algorithms for complex systems. He takes care of the high-performance algorithms behind Circuit Mind's solution.

Principal Software Engineer

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Rob loves architecting and building complex software systems during the day and working on his own whimsical electronics and 3d-printing projects the rest of the time.

Lead Electronic Engineer

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Gary is an experienced electronic engineer who led teams on complex hardware projects and developed software to automate his own electronic design work.

Senior Software Engineer

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Rob has been developing software professionally for over 15 years - from experimental prototypes to large scale web applications. In his spare time he likes to build and play musical synthesizers.

Software Engineering Intern

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Péter is a fourth-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Imperial College London, with a passion for electronics, software and machine learning. Such rare combination of skills is invaluable for Circuit Mind's techology.

Part-Time Tech Consultant

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Kesha is a second year computer science student at Queen Mary University, with a passion for learning, music and gaming. He's head hunting the next exceptional Circuit Mind team members.

Part-Time Tech Consultant

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Maria is a final year Economics and Business student at King's College London, and she has a keen passion for technology and Mandarin. She's head hunting the next exceptional Circuit Mind team members.